Our Services

Settling down in a new country brings various difficulties. As Bedel Mobility Solutions, we provide you with the best-in-class services on a wide range of issues including learning the legal procedures, getting to know the city, finding a house, finding a school and adapting to social life, as well as generating solutions that can make a difference in your life.


City Orientation Tour

We can organize one day or longer city orientation tour for those individuals to be appointed in Turkey to see and get to know the city before he/she accepts the job offered, in accordance with his/her needs. During this tour, we provide information about the city and venues and introduce the schools, health institutions, shopping, transportation, entertainment and lifestyle in the city. 


Finding a House

Our purpose is to find the right house in the most appropriate conditions for your employees. We cooperate with reliable market experts operating in the most preferred regions by foreigners. After searching through all the options that meet the criteria specified by you, we pick up your employees at any points that they desire, with our private vehicles and offer them the best house alternatives. This very special service is completed upon preparation of a rental contract, an arrangement of the signature process and a subsequent process of moving to the house.


Finding a School

Finding the right school is always a priority for the families with children. We make the customized research and offer the suitable school options. We arrange campus tours, accompany the family during the school appointments and assist with the registration procedures to provide full support.

To provide this significant service excellently, our consultants have always established good relationships with the foreign schools across the country. This enables us to give you the latest correct information. 


Settlement Service

After the rental contract is signed, we continue to support your personnel during the home settlement process. In particular, our specialized staff offers services such as making electricity, water, natural gas, internet connections, filing necessary applications and service subscriptions prior to moving to the house.

Besides, we offer services such as opening a bank account, private insurance, driver’s license applications and registration procedures at local authorities and supply of live-in or daily help or babysitter. 


Finding Temporary Accommodation

If your personnel needs short-term accommodation, we can search and offer a wide range of hotel or fully-equipped residence options according to the criteria to be specified by you. We can provide this service through e-mail or by accompanying the customer personally and visiting all alternatives in the field.

We also provide support for booking or execution of legal temporary contract for the alternative chosen. 


Repatriation Services

After the completion of the appointment of the foreign personnel in Turkey, we can provide full support to the personnel and his/her family in terms of termination of the rental contract, making all necessary legal notifications for such termination, speaking with the landlords, reimbursement of the security deposit paid, cancellation of subscriptions and memberships etc. at the time of leaving the country.